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  Online Submission of Complaints

For CASE’s advice and assistance, consumers must complete the submission form and attach relevant documents such as receipts or credit card charge slips, agreements, and correspondences with the business, etc.

After assessment of your submission, our officers will send you an email ( within three working days to provide advice. Please note that CASE will not request you to click on links or chat icons, to visit another website to receive updates and/or enter personal details to find out updates on their cases. Please stay vigilant against phishing emails and contact the CASE hotline at 62775100 if you wish to verify the authenticity of the emails received.

If you choose to engage CASE to negotiate on your behalf, you must join as a CASE Member and pay the administrative fee.

Membership Fees


Ordinary Membership



Family Membership

(1-year, extended to applicant, spouse and up to 2 children above 18 years old).


Student Membership

(1-year. The student must be above 12 years of age in any educational institute. Students under 18 will need the consent by parents)


Life Membership



Members or staff of Unions / Organizations that are institutional/corresponding members with CASE

If a case is taken up by a CASE Officer an administration fee is charged according to the claims.

Administration Charges

    Please let our officers know if you are:
  • - You are a member of a Trade Union or Association that happens to be a CASE Institutional/Corresponding Member;

For CASE Institutional Member, there are currently more than 60 of such Unions and Organisations. You will be entitled to full waiver of all fees. Examples include NTUC membership and PAssion Card.
Note: NTUC Membership refers to silver NTUC Plus Card and not NTUC Link Card.

If you are a staff of CASE Corresponding members, you will enjoy waiver of membership fee and only has to pay the necessary administration charges.

Range of Claims

Below $5,000

Admin Fees (GST Inclusive)


Range of Claims

$5,000 to $10,000

Admin Fees (GST Inclusive)


Range of Claims

$10,001 to $20,000

Admin Fees (GST Inclusive)


Range of Claims

Above $20,000 [Every $10,000 or part thereof ]

Admin Fees (GST Inclusive)


Please enter last 3 digits and 1 alphabet of your NRIC (e.g. 999X)

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I agree that by submitting my complaint, I consent to the use of my personal data in accordance with CASE’s Personal Data Policy & Legal Notice may be amended from time to time.